Benguela is a province of Angola, situated in the west of the country. It lies on the Atlantic Ocean, and borders the provinces of Cuanza Sul, Namibe, Huila, and Huambo. The province has an area of 39,826 square kilometres (15,377 sq mi) and its capital is Benguela. According to 1988 US government statistics, the population had 297,700 urban inhabitants and 308,800 rural inhabitants, with an estimated total provincial population of 606,500.

The Portuguese crown created the Kingdom of Benguela in 1615 to improve the conditions to develop the desired land route to Mozambique across Africa. The trading post founded here did not meet the expectations of the Portuguese in mineral resources and soil quality, so a village was only established for the slave trade, under the name of Mbaka.


Among the places of worship, they are predominantly Christian churches and temples:

  • Roman Catholic Diocese of Benguela (Catholic Church)
  • Evangelical Congregational Church in Angola (World Communion of Reformed Churches).


Benguela province is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Angola. For this reason Benguela is known as the most visited province in Angola for many tourists all around the world. City has the slower lifestyle comparing different from Luanda.

There are several beautiful beaches around Benguela, including one right in the city center! The best beach resort hotel, though, is in Lobito. The beaches outside the city are close by and easy to reach by car, either your own or a hired taxi. They’re really beautiful too, with the bluest water, the whitest sand, and most are flanked by dramatic cliffs.

1 – Baia Azul (blue bay) is a 3 km long bay with soft, clean sand and strong blue seawater. It’s considered the main beach of Benguela and great to relax and play in the sand. The warm waters make it perfect to swim and even for water sports.

This is the most famous beach in Angola. If postcards were a thing in this country, this would crop up frequently. It is named for its exceptionally blue waters. There are only a few restaurants, and few people as well — it’s a nice, quiet retreat. There is at least one hotel here (Hotel Duas Faces).

2 – Caotinha Beach. This is a series of little beach inlets just south of Benguela, some of which are totally deserted. You can hike from one to the next.

3 –  Praia Morena. This is the city’s main beach, right near the center. On holidays it can get extremely crowded, but it’s usually empty. It’s a fairly narrow stretch of sand between the road and the ocean, but the water is and sand are both nice.

4 – Baía Farta in a fishing village/town and loosely translates to a bay of plenty. With very few people it’s very different from Baía Azul, however, the scenery is even better. As you approach the water you realize how beautiful is the scenery and the privilege of having to yourself (or barely so) a world-class beach. After 300 meters of walking in the sand under the strong African sun, a dive in that blue/turquoise and crystal clear is heavenly.


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