If you follow some basic rules, traveling in Angola isn’t dangerous. Our guides will take care of your safety in Luanda. Outside the Luanda you can feel completly secured, all the provinces are very calm and crime free.

Don’t go out at night alone or into the slums. Have the doors and windows of your car locked at all times.  Avoid wearing jewellery or watches in public places. Do not change or withdraw large sums of money in busy public areas. Avoid walking between bars and restaurants on the Luanda Island (Ilha do Cabo).  Also avoid crowded places such as open air markets. Take precautions with your valuables and cash. Deposit them in hotel safes where practical. Keep copies of important documents, including passports, in a separate place from the documents themselves.

Don’t exchange money from “Kinguila – the seller of money – who normally offers the best quotation. There around many exchange houses and commercial banks that offer  better quality exchange service with total security. Keep valuables out of sight and not use mobiles or laptops while in slow moving traffic. Carry a certified copy of your passport (data page and visa) and/or identity documents at all times for identification purposes. In general, you shouldn’t travel within Angola without the assistance of qualified personnel. However, if you follow some basic rules, traveling in Angola isn’t dangerous. First of all, traveling after dark and alone is never a good idea. If possible, join with several cars of the same make and model because of the possible need for spare parts.