Cabo Ledo is located in the province of Bengo, about 100 kilometers south of the Luanda capital and is part of the Kissama National Park. It is a region rich in fauna and flora, due to the hiking trails and unique landscapes, as well as the diverse animal life. 

Cabo Ledo also has an invaluable historical value, since in 1648 the fleet landed here, which came from Brazil and recovered Angola for Portuguese domination, after seven years under Dutch domination.

 A small fishing village, it has the most popular surf spot in the country, where some competitions have already been rehearsed. 

This is a tropical area, with some rain in the summer and a practically dry winter, with an average annual temperature of 24 degrees. Stretches the stunning left of Cabo Ledo is the local ex-libris, wide beaches, clear water and white sands, and a sunrise that makes magic more than 200 days a year, are characteristics with which any tourist will delight.

Cabo Ledo, is full of wounderful bars, restaurants and beaches, luxury hotels, in Angola. It has become one of the most important tourist areas in Angola, offering first class accommodation and an endless number of adventures at the disposal of those who visit it.