TUNDAVALA GAP is a huge abyss of about 1200 m located in the Serra da Leba, 18 km from Lubango, in the province of Huíla, in Angola.

The TUNDAVALA GAP Rift is the main natural and geological attraction in the province of Huíla. This impressive chasm near Lubango is located on the edge of the Serra da Leba. 

It is on the cliffs of Tundavala that the Central Plateau of Angola ends. Here the plateau exceeds 2200 meters of altitude and drops abruptly to about 1000 meters of altitude, causing a stunning drop with colossal crack in the mountain. From here you can enjoy a magnificent landscape that stretches for tens of kilometers extending to the beaches of Namibe. Here, you can take a deep breath and enjoy amazing panoramic views in all directions: The incredible rocky landscape of the Serra da Leba around the site, the city of Lubango to the southeast and the Atlantic Ocean to the West.