It the capital of the Huíla province with a population of 2,819,253 inhabitants, being the most populous province in Angola after Luanda.

Located in the interior of Angola, Lubango has altitudes that vary between 1,000 and 2,300 meters, highlighting the Chela mountain range and its mountain range.

Huíla Province is located in the southwest of the Republic of Angola with an area of 79,023 km2, with the provinces of Benguela and Huambo to the north, the Province of Namibe to the west, Bié and Cuando Cubango to the east and the southernmost province of Cunene. Huíla is one of the 18 provinces of Angola, located in the south of the country, being the richest province in the southern Angolan portion.

Beyond the beauty of nature and the wonders that can be contemplated, the province of Huíla has a peculiar cultural richness from its habitat, food, clothing and its traditional rituals.
Lubango Mukanka Airport, opened on December 1, 1978, is one of the most important in Angola and operates with domestic flights and some international destinations in neighboring countries. It is currently undergoing a modernization and expansion process to increase passenger capacity.

Approximately 500,000 passengers pass through it annually.