The Malanje Provence is rich in sights Exotic plant life paired with rare animal species makes Malanje a breathtaking experience.

Kalandula Falls are still a haven of tranquility here you can experience the real Africa the Kalandula Falls lie in the course of the Lucala River they are among the most impressive natural wonders of Angola and are the second highest in Africa with a drop of 105 m.

Covered by a large rainbow and a marvelous view form the top The Kalandula Falls are a must visit for all travelers in Angola.

 Beside enjoying the majestic waterfalls and the wonderful nature, Kalandula Falls has also the historic a site The black stones mystical place, historicaly it was the the venue of the resistance to the Portuguese. The impressive waterfalls, the black stones and its legendary history are definetly highlight of the tour.

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