The Launda – Island as it is called by the population, is connected with the city through a narrow passage and is located at the foot of the Fortress of São Miguel. It is par excellence the place of fun and leisure where residents and visitors   can get away from the stresses of the capital, especially on weekends. A wide variety of hotels and clubs with bars and restaurants, flea markets, irresistible beaches attract visitors.

The beautiful Atlantic Ocean views are disrupted by busy ships and the high rise modern looking buildings are contrasted by lean to huts built to accommodate people in the rapidly expanding city. With the beautiful Bay located in front of the city of Luanda, are located several monuments of great historical value, such as the National Bank of Angola building and the Church called of Nossa Senhora de Nazaré the oldest in Angola founded in 1575. Luanda – bay was rebuilded in 2018 sidewalks, gardens, small basketball courts were placed this turned the bay busier place at all times where people from different parts of the city to enjoy, and relax.

The Luanda Island is classified one of the best places to visit in Luanda.